Alala Style






Sports Bra ||Alala || Leggings || Alala || Shoes || Nike


“Style Meets Sport”

It’s a new year and I’m getting back in my workout grind once again. One thing which motivates me to hit the gym is stylish workout gear. There’s something about looking good when working out. One workout brand which I adore is Alala. Besides their sports wear being fashionable, it is also incredibly comfortable and moves with your body.

For today’s workout, I took a run around Cascade’s park with my pup by my side. I’m trying to get back into running because HELLO, it’s a killer leg and core workout! In addition to being a strenuous workout, running is also considered a meditation. It strengthens your knees, joints and other bones in your body. The sports bra which I wore is the Cross Back Bra from Alala in a size small. The bra stayed in place through my whole workout and didn’t cause me any discomfort. For my workout leggings I wore the All Day Tights in a size small. Since the weather was chilly, the tights were soft and cozy and kept me at the perfect temperature. Also, there was no chafing with these leggings which made me love them even more!

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Goals for 2017

It is New Year’s Eve (December 31st 12:01 A.M.) and I’m recollecting all that has happened this past year. I’m not going to lie, 2016 has been a very interesting year. A lot of good has happened and also a ton of surprises (both exceptional and lousy.)

While relaxing on my bed with my puppy (Monte), I was thinking about how I’ve never really set goals for myself in the past and that maybe I should for 2017!

So here are 60 things I would like to accomplish or do in 2017, I will try to come back to this post and cross off those which I have done/accomplished.

I guess, you could sort of call this a bucket list.

Goals for 2017

1.) Be more personal with my blog posts

2.) Start a YouTube

3.) Travel to Mexico

4.) Take a Caribbean Cruise

5.) Go to the gym at least 3x a week

6.) Incorporate more Kale in my diet (lol…this will be a tough one)

7.) Blog at least 4x a week

8.) Be more spiritual (This has been challenging this past year)

9.) Read a book a week

10.) Learn a new language (Going to try Italian since that’s where I was born)

11.) Learn to cook (The only thing I know how to make is scrambled eggs)

12.) Invest in a Canon 5D Mark IV

13.) Learn Makeup

14.) Be more organized (actually use my overpriced calendars)

15.) Visit every park at Disney World (hint: I received a Disney annual pass for Christmas)

16.) Volunteer more…figure out what I’m passionate about other than fashion 😉

17.) Reach 500,000 on instagram (help me out by following me @MonaCristo)

18.) Be patient (this is something which I have struggled with all my life…lol)

19.) Build abs

20.) Actually start a meal plan and stick with it

21.) Spend a weekend in Miami

22.) Visit the keys

23.) Learn to Scuba Dive

24.) Visit Devils Den

25.) See snow

26.) Make blogging into a career (if anyone has advice, I would love to hear it)

27.) Build my own online store

28.) Learn about SEO and coding

29.) Make my blog more attractive

30.) Start yoga

31.) Run 8 miles (I hate running but I love Eminem…so I gotta do this one 😉

32.) Get back into acting (being an actress has been a dream of mine since I was 5)

33.) Be healthier

34.) Get my grades up (college can be tough sometimes)

35.) Visit Greece

36.) Visit Bali

37.) Learn to stop procrastinating

38.) Take voice lessons

39.) Practice piano more often

40.) Get into the habit of drinking 8 glasses of water a day

41.) Keep my room clean at all times

42.) Become stronger (in the gym)

43.) Cut sugar out of my diet for a whole month (dreading this one)

44.) Run a marathon

45.) Spend more time with my parents

46.) Make my own App

47.) Empty out all the crap in my closet (a.k.a. clothes I don’t wear)

48.) Try to go on monthly adventures

49.) Smile more at strangers

50.) Accomplish at least 50 acts of kindness a week

51.) Overcome my fear of heights

52.) Do more DIY’s

53.) Get into modeling (possibly)

54.) Create a Pinterest

55.) Become best friends with a professor I like

56.) Manage to get straight A’s in college

57.) Take 1 workout class a week

58.) Assign deadlines for my projects and finish them

59.) Learn more about styling hair

60.) Become more disciplined (while this might seem silly, I have noticed I’m not as disciplined as I think I am. Whenever I see chocolate, I HAVE to get it…or when I know I need to study, I’ll try to blow it off.)

I’ll try to add more to this list as more things come to mind. For now these are my New Years goals/resolutions.

What are yours?


Christmas Eve






The warmth of the fire was hugging my backside as the smell of roasted chestnuts filled the room with the smell of holiday spirit. my pretty green dress was the bow on top of the gift for the evening of Christmas preparation.

On Christmas Eve, I wore a lovely green dress from Alyce Paris, a brand which I adore. While everyone wears the standard red or black for Christmas, I opted to go another direction and wear green. Not only was the dress festive and fun but the embellishments made the dress stand out. The sweetheart neckline added a flirty touch to the dress.

For sizing purposes, I ordered a size 2 and it was a bit snug, so I suggest sizing up with Alyce Paris dresses.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year ;)!




Mona Cristo

Amore Pacific

img_6249Taking care of your skin is a habit which should start at a young age. Ever since I was six my mom would teach me to put moisturizer and sunscreen on in the mornings before school to prevent future wrinkles and sun spots. She didn’t want me to make the same mistakes she did. Now, I’m twenty and continue with those good habits of moisturizing and protecting my skin.  So far, I have pretty good skin to where I don’t need to wear foundation or loads of makeup so that’s a plus for getting ready in the mornings…since I love sleeping a little longer ;).


The newest skin care brand I have been trying out is Amore Pacific. From their skincare line I tried out the Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel and Luminous Effect Brightening serum.

Here’s a little background on my skin, it’s an oily-dry combination but mostly dry. I don’t break out often unless I’m eating bad such as chips and greasy foods, so I try to avoid junk food. Loss of moisture causes signs of aging which is why I tried out the Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Hydra Gel which is Oil-Free. Some details about the product are its Bamboo Sap improves skin density and radiance while reducing the appearance of lines caused by dehydration and it helps clear breakouts by providing essential hydration without clogging pores. As soon as I put it on my skin, I felt an instant refreshing feeling and gave my skin a nice healthy glow. I use this product once a day, but depending on how dry your skin is you might need to use it 2-3 times throughout the day to assure beautiful, healthy skin.


The second product I tried out was the Luminous Effect Brightening Serum which is a high performance serum. The serum delivers potent brightening ingredients to the skin to help diminish signs of age spots and hyperpigmentation. Of course, it’s made from natural ingredients which is why I love it so much! It’s derived from fermented green tea, which helps deliver anti- antioxidant powered brightening to illuminate your skin, diminish signs of age spots and hyperpigmentation. When I put it on, it gave my skin a nice brightening glow as if one from wearing liquid foundation. The products also left my skin feeling smooth and soft.

You can check out Amore Pacific products at your local Barney’s or!

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The Black Jumpsuit


Jody Bell Jumpsuit || Jessica Simpson Heels || Daniel Wellington Sheffield

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the color black, probably because I’ve gained a little weight…I mean come on, winter is coming. If you’ve read my other posts you know I’m a fan of black because of how versatile and professional it is. Working in an office, it’s hard to find appropriate outfits which show my unique style.

I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try a jumpsuit for the first time. While I’m a huge fan of rompers, I’ve never really tried jumpsuits because they remind me of prison wear. Well I finally opened up my style to try it and I’m in love, not to mention also work appropriate (well, somewhat.)

The jumpsuit I have on is from Jody Bell. While this particular one is sold out, I linked a similar one. I decided to give this look a pop of color with these Jessica Simpson floral Claudette pointed toe pumps and finished the look with a black collection DW watch.

Well thats a wrap ladies and gentlemen, hope you enjoyed todays look!



Mona Cristo





Real Deal Dress || Tommy Paradise Heels || Christian Paul Hayman Watch || Dagne Dover Tote

The Little Black Dress.

Everyone woman has at least one Little Black Dress in their closet, always ready to bring out and throw on for any given occasion. The LBD is honestly the perfect dress because of its versatility, it can easily be dressed up or down. Also, let’s not forget about the automatic slimming effect… which is the best part ;).

The dress I’m wearing is from Bailey 44, and comes in both maroon and black. The best part is how fitted it is, being able to hug my curves while it also being a modest length (knee length). Having a big butt has it’s consequences…if the dress is too short it will ride up until some rear is visible which is why I always opt for longer lengths. Keep it classy, never scandy. The mesh cut-out detail on the waist and neckline gives the dress character, showing how it’s not an ordinary LBD but instead a statement of how a woman can be classy, empowering yet sexy at the same time.

I paired the dress with a 35 mm Christian Paul watch. I always opt for the smaller sized faced because of how small my wrists are. Big watches just look silly on me. I love the traditional yet contemporary design on the Hayman Luxe, which is the watch I’m wearing.

For shoes I paired the dress with black strappy Tommy Hilfiger  heels.The shoes are from last season, but I found a similar pair on a discounted site for just $40, which is 60% off!!

I finished the outfit off with a black leather tote bag from Dagne Dover, one of my favorite handbag brands. Their bags have tons of little compartments such as a drink holder, tablet/laptop sleeve, little pen holders and much more! Dagne Dover makes the best durable bags for the working woman.

Until next time,


Mona Cristo

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Thigh-High Favorites

My favorite trend for the fall season 2016 year, is thigh highs. Nothing is sexier than a nice pair of thigh high boots with skin tight jeans or a mini dress.

Here are my favorites for the season:


Stuart Weitzman || LeggyLady || $798


Jeffrey Campbell || Cienega || $210


Jeffrey Campbell || Blinded || SOLD OUT


Steve Madden|| Gorgeous || $150




Sam Edelman || Bernadette || $300


Public Desire || Sidney || $65


SCHUTZ || Triele || $460


Alice + Olivia || Halle || $625


Mona Cristo

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Pretty in Pastel







If I could paint the world, I would paint it in pastels. I cannot express my love for the beautiful, sweet array of colors which are pastels. Since I am tan with dark hair, pastels are my friends with their sweet, warm colors.

I recently took a MUCH needed trip. The beach was my first destination of choice. I really needed to enjoy some cool, salty breezes whilst feeling the sand between my toes as I sat watching the sunset.

I hadn’t been to a good beach in a long time, so i didn’t just want to go and have fun in just  a bikini, I wanted to feel special and romantic for the evening! So of course I threw on just the perfect outfit as if it were predestined for this night. I slipped on the Yours Truly lavender maxi dress from Showpo. It’s beYOND comfortable, and is totally sexy! What I admire most about the dress is the sexy high-slit drag which reveals a lot of thigh; similar to the style Bella Hadid rocked at the Cannes Film Festival. The gorgeous pastel lavender color makes it the perfect summer beach-evening dress with the way it flows flawlessly in the sunset and moonlit wind.

With this particular outfit, you cannot go wrong with a little Kendra Scott. Kendra has got to be one of my favorite jewelry designers with her mindful and chic style of jewels she integrates into her pieces that add such a fierce statement.

M x

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Better than One



-Two pieces are better than one-

Faviana NY, a top designer gown brand with pieces & designs that can be seen on prestigious events such as Miss Universe, Miss America, and the Red Carpet.

My beautiful two-piece gown, shown above, is indeed one of the masterpieces of Faviana. Now it does come in an array of colours, but as I’ve stated before, red is the such a beautiful colour to be wearing. It makes everything about you so vibrant and dominant. So, yes, I was definitely turning heads as usual 😉

The Top of the gown styles a beaded detailing to accentuate a sweetheart neck appearance, and for anyone who has great cleavage, it acts a a beautiful cage for your little wonders, haha!

The Mid section of the gown allows the wearer to be enhanced with jewels all around their waist side. The jersey-like fabric of the dress allowed it hug my curves, while helping me to stay comfortable and sway around with ease, which I absolutely LOVED!

The Bottom continues the beautiful mid sectioned jeweled area that makes an allowance of your mid torso to shine through. Killer abs? great tan? cute tummy? All that can be seen when wearing this dress, but in a very moderately sexy way. So sexy that the train that gently cuddles up against the butt, makes it seem more than its already worth 😉

Fitted clothing has so much to do with confidence for me as a smaller lady. I’m thinner and petite, so a lot of clothing I come across at times can be baggier and make it seem like my body has nothing to offer. But with a dress like this, I’m able to feel more comfortable and confident with how my body looks.


Whether you want to make a statement or show off your killer abs this dress is the one for you. Since the dress was full of jewels I kept it simple with stone earrings.

You can find this lovely gown here or similar two piece styles here!



Mona Cristo

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Gown|| La Femme ||Earrings|| Isharya

Feeling like Royalty.

Gigi by La Femme gown, courtesy of edressme.
Edressme is one of my Top 10 favorite online boutiques that sell stunning designer gowns- or should I say Specialize? This amazing site is perfect for any of you ladies hoping to go to prom, a formal, wedding, pageant or any other special occasion to be the look of the night.
Edressme  doesn’t just have their monumentally large range of premium looking gown choices, but also have a broad range of prices. Some of us need to look for something beautiful on a small budget, and some of us are looking to go all out and break the budget, and I promise you that you will find the dress of your dreams at edressme that fits that exact budget!
Lol, alright, I’m not going to lie, but I  did sort of refer to myself as princess and/ or goddess a couple times whilst wearing this baby. I’ve always been one to admire Roman Culture or Greek Mythology and this dress reminds me so much of them both! As I wore the dress I felt like I was a jewel among stones… LITERALLY. Haha, the labyrinth I visited here in my home town of Tallahassee, Florida to take the pictures didn’t help much with making me change my mind on it either! The dress does look beautiful in pictures, yes, but trust me when I say they do not do it justice! In person it’s even more jaw-dropping. Every girl MUST have this for when those extra special occasions happen.
 The enchanting dress has a plunging V-neckline and it will completely compliment your collarbones while the bodice stays open to tease your back. It is completely adorned with a legion of jewels. The colors of the gown go perfectly together and the sequins definitely put this beauty on a entirely different plane of existence. Simply marvelous, as would Audrey Hepburn say.
Comfort is nothing to worry about with the soft padding in the cups.
For accessories, I kept it simple like usual. Since the the top of the gown is the main showstopper, I just wore Ishyara earrings.
For shoes, I wore Nude peep toe heels.
Mona Cristo
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