Better than One



-Two pieces are better than one-

Faviana NY, a top designer gown brand with pieces & designs that can be seen on prestigious events such as Miss Universe, Miss America, and the Red Carpet.

My beautiful two-piece gown, shown above, is indeed one of the masterpieces of Faviana. Now it does come in an array of colours, but as I’ve stated before, red is the such a beautiful colour to be wearing. It makes everything about you so vibrant and dominant. So, yes, I was definitely turning heads as usual 😉

The Top of the gown styles a beaded detailing to accentuate a sweetheart neck appearance, and for anyone who has great cleavage, it acts a a beautiful cage for your little wonders, haha!

The Mid section of the gown allows the wearer to be enhanced with jewels all around their waist side. The jersey-like fabric of the dress allowed it hug my curves, while helping me to stay comfortable and sway around with ease, which I absolutely LOVED!

The Bottom continues the beautiful mid sectioned jeweled area that makes an allowance of your mid torso to shine through. Killer abs? great tan? cute tummy? All that can be seen when wearing this dress, but in a very moderately sexy way. So sexy that the train that gently cuddles up against the butt, makes it seem more than its already worth 😉

Fitted clothing has so much to do with confidence for me as a smaller lady. I’m thinner and petite, so a lot of clothing I come across at times can be baggier and make it seem like my body has nothing to offer. But with a dress like this, I’m able to feel more comfortable and confident with how my body looks.


Whether you want to make a statement or show off your killer abs this dress is the one for you. Since the dress was full of jewels I kept it simple with stone earrings.

You can find this lovely gown here or similar two piece styles here!



Mona Cristo

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