Goals for 2017

It is New Year’s Eve (December 31st 12:01 A.M.) and I’m recollecting all that has happened this past year. I’m not going to lie, 2016 has been a very interesting year. A lot of good has happened and also a ton of surprises (both exceptional and lousy.)

While relaxing on my bed with my puppy (Monte), I was thinking about how I’ve never really set goals for myself in the past and that maybe I should for 2017!

So here are 60 things I would like to accomplish or do in 2017, I will try to come back to this post and cross off those which I have done/accomplished.

I guess, you could sort of call this a bucket list.

Goals for 2017

1.) Be more personal with my blog posts

2.) Start a YouTube

3.) Travel to Mexico

4.) Take a Caribbean Cruise

5.) Go to the gym at least 3x a week

6.) Incorporate more Kale in my diet (lol…this will be a tough one)

7.) Blog at least 4x a week

8.) Be more spiritual (This has been challenging this past year)

9.) Read a book a week

10.) Learn a new language (Going to try Italian since that’s where I was born)

11.) Learn to cook (The only thing I know how to make is scrambled eggs)

12.) Invest in a Canon 5D Mark IV

13.) Learn Makeup

14.) Be more organized (actually use my overpriced calendars)

15.) Visit every park at Disney World (hint: I received a Disney annual pass for Christmas)

16.) Volunteer more…figure out what I’m passionate about other than fashion 😉

17.) Reach 500,000 on instagram (help me out by following me @MonaCristo)

18.) Be patient (this is something which I have struggled with all my life…lol)

19.) Build abs

20.) Actually start a meal plan and stick with it

21.) Spend a weekend in Miami

22.) Visit the keys

23.) Learn to Scuba Dive

24.) Visit Devils Den

25.) See snow

26.) Make blogging into a career (if anyone has advice, I would love to hear it)

27.) Build my own online store

28.) Learn about SEO and coding

29.) Make my blog more attractive

30.) Start yoga

31.) Run 8 miles (I hate running but I love Eminem…so I gotta do this one 😉

32.) Get back into acting (being an actress has been a dream of mine since I was 5)

33.) Be healthier

34.) Get my grades up (college can be tough sometimes)

35.) Visit Greece

36.) Visit Bali

37.) Learn to stop procrastinating

38.) Take voice lessons

39.) Practice piano more often

40.) Get into the habit of drinking 8 glasses of water a day

41.) Keep my room clean at all times

42.) Become stronger (in the gym)

43.) Cut sugar out of my diet for a whole month (dreading this one)

44.) Run a marathon

45.) Spend more time with my parents

46.) Make my own App

47.) Empty out all the crap in my closet (a.k.a. clothes I don’t wear)

48.) Try to go on monthly adventures

49.) Smile more at strangers

50.) Accomplish at least 50 acts of kindness a week

51.) Overcome my fear of heights

52.) Do more DIY’s

53.) Get into modeling (possibly)

54.) Create a Pinterest

55.) Become best friends with a professor I like

56.) Manage to get straight A’s in college

57.) Take 1 workout class a week

58.) Assign deadlines for my projects and finish them

59.) Learn more about styling hair

60.) Become more disciplined (while this might seem silly, I have noticed I’m not as disciplined as I think I am. Whenever I see chocolate, I HAVE to get it…or when I know I need to study, I’ll try to blow it off.)

I’ll try to add more to this list as more things come to mind. For now these are my New Years goals/resolutions.

What are yours?


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