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“Style Meets Sport”

It’s a new year and I’m getting back in my workout grind once again. One thing which motivates me to hit the gym is stylish workout gear. There’s something about looking good when working out. One workout brand which I adore is Alala. Besides their sports wear being fashionable, it is also incredibly comfortable and moves with your body.

For today’s workout, I took a run around Cascade’s park with my pup by my side. I’m trying to get back into running because HELLO, it’s a killer leg and core workout! In addition to being a strenuous workout, running is also considered a meditation. It strengthens your knees, joints and other bones in your body. The sports bra which I wore is the Cross Back Bra from Alala in a size small. The bra stayed in place through my whole workout and didn’t cause me any discomfort. For my workout leggings I wore the All Day Tights in a size small. Since the weather was chilly, the tights were soft and cozy and kept me at the perfect temperature. Also, there was no chafing with these leggings which made me love them even more!

To start the New Year’s off on a good note be sure to follow my Instagram: @MonaCristo for giveaways. There will be a $200 Alala gift card giveaway coming soon.



Mona Cristo


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