Gown|| La Femme ||Earrings|| Isharya

Feeling like Royalty.

Gigi by La Femme gown, courtesy of edressme.
Edressme is one of my Top 10 favorite online boutiques that sell stunning designer gowns- or should I say Specialize? This amazing site is perfect for any of you ladies hoping to go to prom, a formal, wedding, pageant or any other special occasion to be the look of the night.
Edressme  doesn’t just have their monumentally large range of premium looking gown choices, but also have a broad range of prices. Some of us need to look for something beautiful on a small budget, and some of us are looking to go all out and break the budget, and I promise you that you will find the dress of your dreams at edressme that fits that exact budget!
Lol, alright, I’m not going to lie, but I  did sort of refer to myself as princess and/ or goddess a couple times whilst wearing this baby. I’ve always been one to admire Roman Culture or Greek Mythology and this dress reminds me so much of them both! As I wore the dress I felt like I was a jewel among stones… LITERALLY. Haha, the labyrinth I visited here in my home town of Tallahassee, Florida to take the pictures didn’t help much with making me change my mind on it either! The dress does look beautiful in pictures, yes, but trust me when I say they do not do it justice! In person it’s even more jaw-dropping. Every girl MUST have this for when those extra special occasions happen.
 The enchanting dress has a plunging V-neckline and it will completely compliment your collarbones while the bodice stays open to tease your back. It is completely adorned with a legion of jewels. The colors of the gown go perfectly together and the sequins definitely put this beauty on a entirely different plane of existence. Simply marvelous, as would Audrey Hepburn say.
Comfort is nothing to worry about with the soft padding in the cups.
For accessories, I kept it simple like usual. Since the the top of the gown is the main showstopper, I just wore Ishyara earrings.
For shoes, I wore Nude peep toe heels.
Mona Cristo
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