Pretty in Pastel







If I could paint the world, I would paint it in pastels. I cannot express my love for the beautiful, sweet array of colors which are pastels. Since I am tan with dark hair, pastels are my friends with their sweet, warm colors.

I recently took a MUCH needed trip. The beach was my first destination of choice. I really needed to enjoy some cool, salty breezes whilst feeling the sand between my toes as I sat watching the sunset.

I hadn’t been to a good beach in a long time, so i didn’t just want to go and have fun in just  a bikini, I wanted to feel special and romantic for the evening! So of course I threw on just the perfect outfit as if it were predestined for this night. I slipped on the Yours Truly lavender maxi dress from Showpo. It’s beYOND comfortable, and is totally sexy! What I admire most about the dress is the sexy high-slit drag which reveals a lot of thigh; similar to the style Bella Hadid rocked at the Cannes Film Festival. The gorgeous pastel lavender color makes it the perfect summer beach-evening dress with the way it flows flawlessly in the sunset and moonlit wind.

With this particular outfit, you cannot go wrong with a little Kendra Scott. Kendra has got to be one of my favorite jewelry designers with her mindful and chic style of jewels she integrates into her pieces that add such a fierce statement.

M x

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