Nadine Merabi Gown || Daniel Wellington

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”-Coco Chanel

Classy and fabulous is exactly how I felt in my floor length red gown from Nadine Merabi. In case you haven’t heard of Miss Merabi, she’s a renowned British luxury dress designer who is one of the fastest growing names in the fashion industry. Celebrities like Michelle Keegan and the beautiful Sammy Winward have been seen on on the red carpet showing off her work.

I had the honor of being adorned in a Nadine Merabi gown and it brought on this feeling of astonishment, as if I were the most important woman there could ever be. It felt breathtaking. The gown I had the pleasure of wearing was the Dina Red Statement dress-and the name fits, ladies… I’m not sure if it was the Red dress effect or how the dress looked as if it could have been candle wax dripping down my body’s curves, but I DEFINITELY noticed this gown had turned some heads as my boyfriend and I took a walk on the beach. The Boat neck is so modish it kills me. Because the dress is so elegantly complimenting, it seemed as if it were fitted specifically for me. The plunging cut-out back drew attention to the beautiful skirt melting off the dress. Since this dress is so perfectly fitted, it also adds a nice stretch for comfort.

I kept the outfit simple by styling it with my Daniel Wellington Classy York watch in color Rose Gold size 26 mm.


Mona Cristo


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